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ECP Invasive Species Strike Team Announcement

What is an invasive species?
Why are invasive species a problem?
What can I do about it?

If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind, the Eagle Creek Park Invasive Species Strike Team is for you. Eagle Creek Park is the only park in Indianapolis with its very own Invasive Species Strike Team to help control and eradicate invasive plant species within the park. This collaborative Team is made up of volunteers and led by ecologists from the Indianapolis Department of Public Works, Land Stewardship. Occurring the second Saturday of every month, the Team meets at the Ornithology Center and sets out to treat invasive species. The Team focuses on treating satellite populations and smaller infestations in an effort to increase the effectiveness and scope of larger treatments performed by the Land Stewardship team. Team members gain hands on experience in ecological restoration by manually removing invasive plants, planting native species, and even learning how to map infestations using handheld GIS units. Volunteers also learn about the ecological problems caused by invasive species, different methods of control, plant identification, and habitat restoration. This Team performs a vital role in the ecological health of Eagle Creek Park. Come enjoy the fresh air, camaraderie, and help secure the ecological future of our native plants and animals in Eagle Creek Park.

What: Eagle Creek Park Invasive Species Strike Team
Who: Anyone 18 or older with an interest in nature
When: 2nd Saturday, Monthly, 9 AM – NOON
Where: Ornithology Center, Eagle Creek Park
How Much: $5 admission to park

What to Bring: Dress for the weather and outdoor work, work gloves

If you have any other questions, please contact:

Brenda Howard
Senior Ecologist, DPW

P: (317) 327-7470

F: (317) 327-4548