Ornithology Center

Ornithology Center Programs

The Ornithology Center offers environmental education programming for all ages that focuses on birds (identification, adaptations, ecology and conservation), giving students the chance to learn about the diversity of their native birds at one of the best birdwatching locations in all of Indiana. Programs can include both indoor and outdoor experiences and also fulfill multiple academic standards. See below for specific topics.

Can my school visit without scheduling a program?

You are welcome to bring your group for a walk-through visit to view the Ornithology Center exhibits and birdwatching areas without scheduling a program (free with regular park admission $5/car, $15/bus); however, the Ornithology Center is not a large facility, and if a large group is already scheduled for a program you may not be able to visit the building while the other group is there. Please call in advance if you are interested in bringing a large group (more than 20 students) to visit at 327-BIRD (2473). Most large school programs take place between 10am-2pm weekdays.

What do we do if the weather is bad?

We generally only cancel programs if there is thunder and lightening or other dangerous weather conditions. We can still go outside in cold and rain as long as the students are prepared. Please encourage and remind your students to dress for the weather, especially if your field trip has an outdoor birdwatching hike as part of the program. Because the Ornithology Center is situated over a large bluff near the reservoir, it can be quite a bit colder and windier compared to conditions in town - when in doubt, dress warm!

Depending on staff availability and group size we may be able to provide an indoor-only program if weather conditions are uncomfortable outdoors, or we can try to find an alternate date to reschedule (please be aware this may be difficult to do in spring and fall).

Class and group size

The Ornithology Center classroom can accomodate a maximum of approximately 45 students at a time. Groups of 50-90 students can be divided into indoor and outdoor sessions, and larger groups may be possible depending on staff availability.